Female Runner In For Shocking Surprises As She Crosses Iran Alone

Runner Kristina Palten set out to run across Iran by herself to challenge prejudice about the country and the people.

Swedish ultra-marathon runner Kristina took on her biggest challenge when she came up with the ambitious goal of running across Iran and doing it alone.

She wanted to challenge preconceived notions she had about the country and the people.

It wasn’t easy.

It was just her and that converted baby jogger she dubbed, “Baby Blue.”

What she found scared her, challenged her, and ultimately delighted her.

The Guardian newspaper covered her run.

Middle East Eye has more of the details from Kristina’s run:

She ran an average of 37 kilometers per day, she started in Bazargan by the Turkish border and finished in Bajgiran on the north-eastern border, running a total of 1,840 kilometers.

“Baby Blue” contained a tent, a sleeping bag, books and vehicle repair gear.

MiddleEastEye.net shares that Kristina faced many challenges.

She originally planned to use a running hijab, but it was too confining and hot around her neck so she improvised with a cap and a scarf.

There were long stretches between towns, so finding food could be difficult. “It is no fun running hungry,” she says.

Overwhelmingly, she remembers the kindness of the people.

The police that made sure she was safe.

The strangers that fed her, housed her and encouraged her.

In all 34 families welcomed her to stay with them. Paltren said it could’ve been many more had her trip been longer.

Kristina shares more of her adventure on her blog.

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Female Runner In For Shocking Surprises As She Crosses Iran Alone

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