Firefighter Baby Boom Has New Dads On Permanent Call In Oklahoma

Seven firefighters in the Glenwood Fire Department in Oklahoma have had babies this last year. It's part of an unexplained baby boom in the department.

An adorable baby boom in Oklahoma has folks asking, “What is in the water down there?”

Seven of the firefighters in the Glenpool Fire Department have had babies this year.

Well, their wives have done the heavy lift, of course.

Still, the coincidence and joy were too much to ignore.

Alyssa Shanks decided this bunch need a group photo, so soon after Baby #7 popped out, (that would be Gracie Lynn) the families gathered together for some adorable group photos.

Watch out for Four Alarm Cuteness! – Tulsa, OK – News, Weather, Video and Sports – |

Firefighter Mick Whitney told CBS News that the firefighters in the photo are more than just his coworkers — they’re friends. The same goes for their spouses.

“All the guys and wives spend time in the station and outside of the station,” he said. “It’s a little different in our group. We go out fishing, hanging out. It’s a unique dynamic.”

**UPDATE: Apparently, this is a firefighter thing. My friend, Cameron Harper, sent me this from the fire department in Davie, Florida where they appear to say to Oklahoma, “I’ll see your 7-cutie baby boom and raise you by two babies.”

And in this one I love that one of the firefighters is a mom!

What a great way to gear up for Father’s Day.

Please tell me about your dad or your kid in the Comments section below.

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Firefighter Baby Boom Has New Dads On Permanent Call In Oklahoma

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