Flight Attendant Gets Fussy Baby To Blow Kisses And Help With Pre-Takeoff Routine

Young mom Savannah Blum caught this video of a Southwest Airlines flight attendant carrying her fussy baby. Baby was fussy no more as this flight attendant with a special touch got the baby to blow kisses to other passengers during the pre-takeoff routine.

Young mom gets a break watching her fussy baby transform into crowd pleaser

Savannah Blum knows she doesn’t always have a fussy baby.

Her Facebook photos feature plenty of snaps of her happy 19-month-old daughter, Brittan, smiling away.

But a recent trip to visit family in Texas stretched longer than mom had planned on.

They needed to switch planes in Las Vegas to get home to Reno.

Baby Brittan was starting to have enough.

That’s when one of the Southwest Airlines flight attendants reached out for the baby told Savannah,  “I got her, Mama. You go sit down.” 

Together, these two instant friends worked the aisle doing what they had to do for the pre-flight check.

Watch Baby Brittan blowing kisses and try not to melt.

Southwest Airlines tells NBC4 New York its employees “take great pride in delivering our legendary Southwest Hospitality, so it’s not surprising that one of our amazing Flight Attendants shared her Southwest Heart while helping to care for one of our youngest customers in such a sweet, fun way!”

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Flight Attendant Gets Fussy Baby To Blow Kisses And Help With Pre-Takeoff Routine

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