Former Stray Dog Is Now World Traveler Who Has Been To 21 Countries

Formerly stray dog, Kala Kutta, is now a world traveler who has been to 21 countries.

Kala Kutta is a stray dog who was going to be put down.

Now, she’s a beloved member of a family who takes her with them as they travel the world.

Their Facebook page explains,

“John and Rochelle were working in Bengaluru when they fell in love with a black street dog that live outside Rochelle’s office.

‘She was thin and so a friend and I started sharing our dinner with her.

Over the next few months, I grew quite attached to her and John and I decided to call her Kala Kutta, which means black dog in Hindi.”

The couple became quite attached to her, but when Kala Kutta became pregnant, local authorities made plans to put her down, trying to control the local stray dog population.

Instead, John and Rochelle adopted her and found homes for the puppies through a local shelter.

Since then, the couple has traveled the world, taking Kala with them.

They share her adventures on their Facebook page.

Their message: Rescue dogs are just as beautiful as pure breds.

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Former Stray Dog Is Now World Traveler Who Has Been To 21 Countries

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