Giggling Howl-Off Between Toddler And His Husky Goes Viral

Because sometimes you need to howl to the skies how much you love your buddy

This Husky dog knows just how to keep his toddler buddy happy and entertained.

Mom Alix Smith posted on Facebook what has become a common conversation between her 2-year-old son Braxton and the family’s 6-year-old Husky, Boston.

She tells Fox17 in Michigan she started recording the exchange just because she thought it was cute.

She didn’t expect to get millions of views and comments from all around the world.

She gets the relief people are feeling with all the heavy news in the world.

“I think it’s awesome, though, because I think there’s just so much going on with coronavirus, politics and everything,” she said. “So for everyone to get a smile and laugh looking at my dog and son, I’m totally okay with that. A little bit of happiness and cheer to the world.”

You can tell she and her husband are raising one fine boy. Any boy who loves talking with dogs is clearly being raised right.

Here’s a big, “AWOOOO!” to Braxton and Boston. Thanks, Friends for bringing some much needed smiles all around the world.

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Giggling Howl-Off Between Toddler And His Husky Goes Viral

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