Girl Reunited With Beloved Teddy Bear After Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting

10-year-old Courtney Gelinas is reunited with her beloved teddy bear, Rufus. They were separated in the panic following the shooting rampage in the Fort Lauderdale airport.

Who doesn’t need their teddy bear in these scary, uncertain times?

It doesn’t get scarier than last week’s fatal shooting at the Fort Lauderdale airport.

Unsuspecting travelers scrambled to get to safety as a man pulled out a gun in the baggage claim area and started firing.

Five people lost their lives.

NBC Miami reports another casualty of the chaos was Rufus the Teddy Bear.

The Broward County Sheriff’s Department says Rufus was one of the tens of thousands of items panicked travelers left behind.

There is so much we can’t fix in this scary world.

The Sheriff’s Department was determined to help find Rufus after Courtney Gelinas’ family put out this plea,”Looking for Rufus from Terminal 2 D8. Crying daughter cannot sleep. #FLLshooting help!”

This one has a happy ending.

Rufus was found!

And NBC6 was there when the sweet reunion took place.

In case you need just one more sniffle–this is no ordinary teddy bear.

Rufus was a gift from Courtney’s grandfather who passed away 10 years ago and is her most precious possession.

The Gelinas Family is visiting from Canada.

They will go home from their trip to the United States with stories they surely will never forget.

“Hope Possible: A Network News Anchor’s Thoughts On Losing Her Job, Finding Love, A New Career, And My Dog, Always My Dog.”

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Girl Reunited With Beloved Teddy Bear After Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting

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