Goat Yoga Really Is A Thing! Let The Puns Begin!

Goat yoga is a popular exercise class in Arizona.

Photo credit: Patryck Sobczack Unsplash

Stubborn about finding the latest exercise trend? Look no further than goat yoga!

This is really a thing.

The ListTV reports the yoga classes featuring goats are getting really popular on a farm outside of Phoenix.

Think this is a case of yoga goat to far?

Both students and teachers think it is a win-win.

The humans get a fun exercise experience.

The goats like to climb, be with people, of course, some treats always make exercise class go faster.

The Arizona Goat Yoga website explains that Sarah Williams is a longtime fitness instructor who figured, classes can be boring, but classes with goats, well, that would be fun.

So, she enlisted the help of the goats she has been raising on her farm in Gilbert, Arizona.

What do you say? Are ready to goat for some yoga? No kidding around!

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Goat Yoga Really Is A Thing! Let The Puns Begin!

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