Governor’s Wife Takes Summer Job Waiting Tables

Maine governor's wife, Ann LePage, is spending her summer waiting tables in a seaside town to earn extra money for a new car.

A governor’s wife is turning heads in a seaside town in Maine where she has taken a summer job waiting tables.

Ann LePage is the First Lady of Maine.

Sounds glamorous.

Most of the year she works her tail off supporting causes around her state.

Her husband, Paul LePage, makes $70,000 a year, making him the lowest paid governor in the country.

The LePages aren’t exactly complaining, but it does mean things can be tight, especially if you want some extras.

Mrs. LePage says she has her eye on a new car.

So she’s going out and earning the extra money, waiting tables at McSeagull’s in Boothbay Harbor.

Ann–you are my kind of woman–simply doing what needs to be done!

The Washington Post has more.

LePage is completely honest that she got this job using family connections.

No, not her husband the governor.

Rather her daughter, who is in law school, and told her mom that she earned $28 an hour last summer waiting tables at McSeagull’s.

Nepotism at its best!

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Governor’s Wife Takes Summer Job Waiting Tables

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