Grandma’s Accidental Thanksgiving Invitee Welcomed Back For Seconds

Grandma's accidental text leads to second helpings at Thanksgiving for one surprised teenager.

Thanksgiving at grandma’s house.

A tradition as American as the holiday itself.

Grandmas want everyone around their table.

The more the merrier.

Which is why this story makes so much sense.

Jamal Hinton was at Wanda Dench’s house in Mesa, Arizona this year.

The continuation of a tradition that started last year with an accidental text.

The one Dench meant to send to her grandsons telling them what time dinner would start.

One glitch.

She sent that text to the wrong number.

To Jamal’s phone.

A stranger.

Until he wasn’t anymore.

These two tell their story best.

And that was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Hinton and Dench have stayed in touch. The Arizona Republic reports they talk about once a week.

About stuff that grandmas would talk to grandsons about, like what are you doing to plan for your future.

When it came around to this year’s Thanksgiving, Dench made sure to text and invite Hinton–on purpose.

It’s very clear, they each now have the right number.

Who was most interesting person at your Thanksgiving table? Please share in comments section below.

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Grandma’s Accidental Thanksgiving Invitee Welcomed Back For Seconds

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