Grandson Taking 89-Year-Old Grandmother To All National Parks In America

Brad Ryan is on a mission to take his grandmother, Joy Ryan, to all the national parks n America.

Grandson Grandmother National Park adventure is a journey to bond, heal, old family wounds and see America

Brad and Joy Ryan are on a National Park mission.

The grandson and grandmother pair want to see all 61 National Parks in America.

So far, they’ve made it to 29 including Yosemite, Badlands, Smokey Mountains, and the Dry Tortugas.

So much more than a road trip

Brad says this is so much more than a fancy road trip.

It’s a way to heal and reconnect with his grandmother.

He tells The Daily Mail that the two became estranged when his parents divorced.

When they started to reconnect, Grandma Joy shared how she regretted never seeing much of the country.

Living most of her life in Ohio, she hadn’t seen the ocean, a mountain, or any of the National Parks.

Grandson Brad decided to change that.

The trips have been gifts to them both

He told the DailyMail, “I remember thinking that I would never forgive myself if she died alone in Ohio without seeing the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Yosemite, and the many iconic landscapes of America. A seed was planted.”

Brad needed a getaway while he was in the fourth year of veterinary school.

“I also needed to be with someone who loved me and I knew this was the perfect time to show my grandmother the mountains. I called her up – and I didn’t have to persuade her. ‘When are you picking me up?’she asked.’”

Their journeys have taken on a life of their own.

Grandma Joy has gone viral

They now have followers all over the world traveling along through their Instagram and Facebook pages.

They’ve driven more than 25,000 miles. The beauty of the landscape has been their family therapist.

Brad says, “Nature allowed us to heal some deep wounds in our relationship and we have been able to forge an unbreakable bond. We taught each other how to forgive.”

‘She taught me to slow down and appreciate nature’s intricate details when I was used to rushing past the “little stuff” in my quest to conquer another mountain summit. Grandma Joy taught me to be present and grateful for every epic view, because there is no guarantee we will ever step into the same space twice. We should never assume there will be a second chance.’

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Grandson Taking 89-Year-Old Grandmother To All National Parks In America

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