How Your Grocery Shopping Can Earn You Mega Frequent Flyer Miles

Grocery shopping.

I do it.

You do it.

We all gotta do it.

And most weeks your eyes pop at what you’re spending to feed yourself and your family.

But what if all those purchases could be earning you mega frequent flyer miles?

That’s how it works around here.

We always get asked, “How do you collect so many frequent flyer miles without flying?”

The simple answer is it’s all in how we spend the money we’re going to spend anyway.

And one of those big spends, of course, with a family of four, including two teenagers is at the grocery store.

Two words: credit cards.

I always like to repeat that this game only works if you’re the kind of person who has good credit and pays off your credit card balance every month.  There are not enough miles in the world to make up for obnoxious interest fees.

Let’s take this in steps.

If you go to the grocery store and pay cash or use your debit card, you might get some great food and supplies, but you’re creating no extra value for yourself.

If you put your grocery bill on a miles-earning credit card, you are at least getting one mile for every dollar you spend.

That is nice, but you’re just getting started.

Here’s how Miles Husband thinks.

Find a credit card that is going to give you bonus miles for shopping at a grocery store.

Yes, such cards exist.

Right now, he likes Amex Everyday Preferred credit card.

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 12.35.30 PM

This card gives you 3x miles on groceries, up to $6,000 annually.  That’s 18,000 miles every year you wouldn’t have if you just spent cash. 12,000 more miles if you used a card that only gives you 1x for each dollar spent.

Say you are single and don’t expect to buy $6,000 in food?

Miles Husband points out there are LOTS of things to buy at grocery stores. Have you seen the gift card rack lately?

Why not buy a gift card where you know you will be dining?

Or maybe you need to make a big purchase at Target, Home Depot, or Best Buy.  Maybe Amazon?

Take the tiny step of buying a gift card at the grocery store using your Amex Everyday Preferred card and get 3x miles for your purchase.

This card also gives you 2x for what you spend at gas stations.

And there is more–the card gives you a 50% bonus on top of all of that if you make more than 30 transactions in a single month.

And AmEx will give you 15,000 bonus miles when and if you use the new card to make $1,000 in purchases in the first three months that you have it. That alone is worth at least $256.  Miles Husband says the value is significantly more when you use those points for travel on a premium international airline.

All the grocery miles and more is a ton of points gravy on top of that.

That’s exactly the way we used Amex points for a very fun trip for me last year.

My sister was at a conference in the French Alps and said, “Join me!” at the last second.

We transferred points and before you knew it I was sitting in a Business Class seat on Swiss Air zooming off to Geneva for a super fun Sisters’ Trip.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 11.34.21 AM

You can see why I love this card.

In the interest of full disclosure, we earn a referral bonus for anyone that’s approved through the links we provide. We only refer cards we use and love. It’s a win-win referral.

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How Your Grocery Shopping Can Earn You Mega Frequent Flyer Miles

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