Groom Jumps Into River During Wedding Photoshoot To Save Drowning Boy

Groom jumps into river during wedding photo shoot to save drowning boy

Groom Clayton Cook and his bride, Brittany, picked a beautiful place to have their wedding photos taken along stream in a park in Ontario, Canada.

It was a moment that could’ve, should’ve been all about gazing into each other’s eyes.

It was.

That is, until Clayton saw something distressing out of the corner of his eye.

He saw a little boy who had fallen in the water and appeared to be in distress.

Without a thought, Clayton bolted into the water and saved the little boy.

He told CTV, “His face was underwater and he was fighting, like he was really fighting.”

“Luckily, he was only a little guy…and I honestly just sort of hopped him up.”

CTV reports boy appeared to be OK, and he didn’t say a word after he was pulled out of the water, according to the couple. Eventually, an older sibling took him away.

Wedding photographer Darren Hatt captured the rescue and posted pictures on his Facebook page.

And then what?

Clayton Cook now made for one soggy groom.

Was the bride disappointed?

Not at all.

Brittan Cook told CTV,  “That’s Clay, like that’s Clay to me. It’s something he would just instinctively do.”

“It was like fate almost, we were meant to be there,” she added.

Sounds like the new Mrs. Cook knows she has herself one awesome husband.

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Groom Jumps Into River During Wedding Photoshoot To Save Drowning Boy

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