Hearing-Impaired Dad Signs With Newborn Daughter

Hearing-Impaired Dad Signs With Newborn Daughter

Hearing impaired dad uses sign language that we can all understand

This hearing-impaired dad brings you the most loving moment of your day.

He is signing to his newborn daughter.

Look at how alert she is!

She’s taking in every sign, every gesture of love.

This video originally posted back in January on Instagram on a feed called, “Untimely Blessing.”

They write, “Daddy who is Deaf signing to Baby Arrow who recently passed the Deaf test. ASL is vital for Deaf babies & lucky for our little squish she was born Deaf into a home where ASL is the primary language. She won’t have the struggles to communicate within her own family as her Daddy did. Arrow was born at 25 weeks & is a micr-opreemie rocking the NICU.”

You can actually watch adorable baby Arrow grow up on the Untimely Blessing feed.

Here is the latest post of Arrow:

And here she is with both her parents on the way to doctor’s appointment.

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Hearing-Impaired Dad Signs With Newborn Daughter

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