Chris Hemsworth “Thor” Rewards Kid Who Found His Wallet

Chris Hemsworth might be an international superstar–you’ve seen him play the mighty Thor in the Marvel Superhero movies.

But even Thor can have very human foibles like losing his wallet!

That’s what happened to him recently when he went to pick his wife and daughter up at the airport in Los Angeles.

By the time her realized it was missing, he figured it was gone forever.

Little did he know that an honest kid, Tristin Budzin-Barker, working his way to become an Eagle Scout, would find that wallet and go to great lengths to get it back to its rightful owner.

The two were recently reunited on The Ellen Show.

Hemsworth and Ellen made sure was celebrated and rewarded Trisitn for his honesty.

Trisitn’s hometown newspaper has more on what he plans to do with his reward.

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Chris Hemsworth “Thor” Rewards Kid Who Found His Wallet

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