Herd Of Goats Saved By Hero Dog Who Refused To Evacuate During California Fires

Odin the hero dog refused to evacuate the California wildfires. Instead, he stayed behind to save his herd of goats.

A herd of goats and some very grateful, awestruck humans are celebrating one awesome dog today.

Rolando Tembo Hendel shares on his Facebook page the harrowing story of his family’s escape from the California wildfires.

As the Tubbs Fire threatened their home, the family loaded up their dog and cats, minus one.

Odin, their devoted Great Pyrenees, refused to leave the herd of goats.

Hendel says on a regular night it is nearly impossible to separate Odie from the herd.

He takes nightwatch.

His sister, Tessa, watches the goats during the day.

And with this unfathomable danger approaching, Hendel, says he had no choice but to leave Odin and the gates behind.

He realized doing so meant they would likely face a gruesome fate.

Tuesday, Hendel wrote, “Today, we were able to make it back to the smoldering wasteland of our forest. Every structure is in ruins. Trees are still burning.

Yet, eight goats came running to see us and get cuddles and kisses. Dixon has a burn on his back the size of a nickel. Other than that they are perfectly fine. Odin’s fur is burned and his whiskers melted. He is limping on his right leg. And he has adopted several baby deer who huddle around him for safety and water from their trough, which is miraculously intact and full of relatively clean water.

We dropped off several bails of orchard grass and gave them fresh water. Tomorrow we hope to reunite them all with his sister Tessa. I’m sure Odin believes she is perished. I can’t wait to see their faces when they see each other.

Odin has lived up to his namesake. Pray for him and his charges. He is our inspiration. If he can be so fearless in this maelstrom, surely so can we.”

The updates have been just as inspiring.

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Herd Of Goats Saved By Hero Dog Who Refused To Evacuate During California Fires

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