How Can It Be A Year Already?

Our 1st Wedding: Silver Run Falls, NC. July 14, 2012

Our 1st Wedding: Silver Run Falls, NC. July 14, 2012

I’ve never felt time go so fast!

July 14, 2012–Three weeks after we got engaged, my fiance’ and I decided it was time to move in together.

Since we didn’t want to just “live together, we gathered up or two girls and headed up to a beautiful waterfall outside of Cashiers, NC.

My dress? Bought right off the rack on sale at a local department store. It had so many “markdown” stickers on the tag that I couldn’t even see the original price. It was never so easy to say, “Yes!” to a dress.

We found our wedding officiant and photographer online. Poof! Instant wedding!

It was simple and simply perfect. To create our union with just us and our two girls.

Of course, since I had never been married, I still wanted a wedding. We did that one two months later on September 15th. Part of our agreement is we will mark both anniversaries. We’ll how we do with that. đŸ™‚

What a year! They say the first year of marriage is the hardest. If this the hardest, than we truly have been blessed. It really has been a smooth transition.

As I focus on my family, I know that I’ve had a fancier wardrobe and more been more famous than I am today. But I’ve honestly, never been happier.

I have exactly the family I was always meant to have.

For that, I have to thank my dear husband, my Mr. SummerFest.

I know I get paid to write, but I honestly can’t say it better than one of my favorite songs, “These Days,” by Vince Gill.

I love you, Husband!

For everyone else–here are the wonderful lyrics that express what’s in my heart. Dreams do come true.

    These Days

Man I’ve seen it all
I’ve had my back against the wall
Pain and misery, empty victories
Then you came along

Oh these days
I’ll take these days
Over any other days I’ve ever known
Oh your sweet ways make these sweet days
Feel like home

Man I’ve chased some crazy dreams
Reaching for that big brass ring
Bitter memories I’ve put behind me
I found out it’s the little things

Repeat Chorus twice



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How Can It Be A Year Already?

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