How Five Brothers Overwhelm Their Sister On Her Wedding Day Will Have You Bawling

Bride Kaley West's five brothers create an emotional tribute to their late father to step in for him at their sister's wedding.

Trying to make up for the absence of their late father

Kaley West’s brothers knew their sister would be missing out on a huge dream as part of her wedding.  She wouldn’t be able to have the traditional father-daughter dance.

Kaley and her five brothers lost their dad in 2015 to heart disease.  The brothers knew they couldn’t bring dad back, but were determined to stand in for him and create a special memory for their beloved sister.

So, they came up with the idea for each of them to do a part of the dance with Kaley.  They took “Fathers and Daughters” by Michael Bolton and edited in clips of their dad’s voice from family videos.

What they created is nothing short of eye-blubbering.

Sometimes you can’t bring back what and whom is lost.

But you can give a gift bigger than anything this bride could’ve imagined. The effort, the thought, the words the brothers found and included from their dad are amazing.  

I was already a mess and when the dance and song wrap up with Kaley’s dad saying, “I just wanted to wish you guys good luck and, just know that, I love you very much and I’m going to miss you.”

Fox 5 San Diego reports Kaley said, “For them to step up it just made it a million times more special to know that I have siblings that can show they love me, even though they can’t replace him,” West said. “(It) made me feel like a princess in that moment.”

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How Five Brothers Overwhelm Their Sister On Her Wedding Day Will Have You Bawling

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