How Star of ‘A Dog’s Way Home’ Went From Stray Junkyard Dog To Movie Stardom

The star of 'A Dog's Way Home' is a real life shelter rescue dog.

Author Bruce Cameron insisted star of ‘A Dog’s Way Home’ be a real life rescue dog

Author and screenwriter Bruce Cameron had a very specific vision when he was working on “A Dog’s Way Home.”

The star of the movie needed to be a real life rescue dog.

But was it possible?

To find the right dog in a shelter somewhere in America? The right look, the right temperament, the right smarts to go from stray to star?

USA Today reports the producers found their girl at a no-kill shelter in Tennessee.

The dog who came to be known as “Shelby,” was living in a junkyard when she was rescued.

Megan Buhler is the Cheatham County the animal control officer who found the dog. said Shelby was “a little skinny and a little scared” at first. But she quickly warmed up and showed real personality.

“It was her whole demeanor. She wanted lovings from everybody,” says Buhler. “She tried very hard to get attention. She was very happy and happy to just be inside. Period.”

But a star?

Trainer Teresa Ann Miller saw Shelby’s potential right away.

This “A Star Is Born” type of story was so good that Cameron decided Shelby needed to have her own book.

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I had a chance to talk with Bruce Cameron a few years back on what was my night time radio show. He shared his incredible struggle to become a working, profitable author.



How Star of ‘A Dog’s Way Home’ Went From Stray Junkyard Dog To Movie Stardom

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