How This Jewish Man Finds Being Santa Became His Calling In Life

Rick Rosenthal is Jewish and loves playing Santa.

How Rick Rosenthal blends his Orthodox Jewish faith with being Santa

Being Santa Claus.

This brings Rick Rosenthal joy.

Even though he is an Orthodox Jew.

Rosenthal knows this will raise eyebrows for many fellow Jewish people. Anyone who has grown up in America knows the conflict–weighing all the bright, shiny parts of the holiday with what devout Christians will remind you is the reason for the season–celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.

How did Rosenthal become Santa?

How does he reconcile his passion with his faith?

He tells his own story beautifully in this recent StoryCorps segment on NPR.

Rick Rosenthal sat down to tell his story with his friend, Adam Roseman, in Atlanta.
Credit:Brenda Ford/StoryCorps

Rosenthal’s school is called the Northern Lights Academy.   

In the spirit of Rosenthal’s open mindedness, NLA also offers training for Mrs. Claus and elf wannabes.

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How This Jewish Man Finds Being Santa Became His Calling In Life

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