How To Calm Your Pet With Reading A Book

How to calm your cat with reading a book.

Calm your pet by doing something so many of us love–reading a book

Reading a book to your furry companion captures his attention and keeps him engaged, which helps him to forget about whatever upset him.

Sometimes, the animal will respond by perking the ears or even placing a paw on you or the page of the book. If you don’t spend enough time with your furry companion, reading a book to him is an excellent activity for you to bond.

How to calm your dog with reading a book.
How to calm your dog with reading a book.

Ways to Calm Your Pet by Reading

When talking to your dog doesn’t seem to calm him down, reading a book will distract him and shift his attention to you and the story.

Here are some ways guaranteed to calm your four-legged buddy through reading:

The Pet’s Character

The first step into a reading book is to determine if your dog or feline can sit still until the end of the activity. You don’t have to include long novels or articles 10 minutes are enough to calm the pet. Sometimes you need to command the pooch to sit, but if the animal likes lazing around, you won’t face any challenges.

Prepare the Reading Environment

One of the many ways to calm down a dog is by reducing clutter and making the environment comfortable. Get a reading blanket where both of you can fit and have room to stretch and move around. Whenever the pooch is scared, he will get the blanket to show you that he wants a story. Remember to choose a washable blanket.

Reinforcement and Conditioning

For the dog to sit still, you need to lure him with his favorite treats and reward him for the good behavior. If you wonder how to calm down a dog, rewards help to get him to stay still throughout the session. Later, you can stop the treats because you will have conditioned him to sit as you read.

Choose Resources

Select interesting and funny articles that your pet will enjoy. One of the many reasons to read books to your pooch is that it gives him a new experience, especially if the author includes an animal character in the story. Your furry companion will be keen if the narrative includes a heroic animal or if the characters go through similar experiences like him.

Start a Routine

How to calm your cat with reading a book.

Your pet might seem occupied most of the time, and you might also not have enough time to engage him, but you can identify when it is convenient for both of you to read. Moving to a room with fewer distractions and clutter is one of the ways to calm down a dog. Ensure that the room is cozy and that there is space for your reading mat. Next, make sure that you read to your pooch around the same time to establish a routine. You can start by monitoring the animal’s behavior during the first sessions to determine if this activity will be successful.

Be Friendly

Reading a book might not calm the canine at first; that is why you need to incorporate other techniques like petting after a few minutes to reassure him of your support. This will help to calm him, especially if he’s anxious or scared. Adjust your voice to a soothing tone and take breaks to talk to him. Make the sessions more interesting by showing and explaining the pictures to your pet; this way, he will not only be attentive, but he will look forward to the next photos.

After several sessions, your pet will realize that this a fun activity, start to enjoy, and even initiate this exercise.

Share the Spotlight

When your pet gets used to the idea of reading, he will look forward to spending time with you, especially during a thunderstorm when he is scared. To make the activity more exciting, invite other family members not to listen but to read. Pets, especially dogs, love listening and they enjoy good company. Being surrounded by familiar faces and voices helps to calm him down.


If you notice your canine companion hurdled in a corner or with a sad face, he could be scared or anxious. As a pet guardian, there are several ways you can calm him, for example, reading a book. Remember to be friendly as you undertake this exercise.

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How To Calm Your Pet With Reading A Book

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