How Your Pets Can Earn You Miles And Save You Big Money



Everyone in our family helps to earn miles and points.

Even our pets!

Now you can do the same.

Of course, being the crazy pet lover, this is money you’re going to spend anyway. So why not take a couple extra steps, save money and earn miles?

Miles Husband explains how it works in this video featuring a special guest.

Here are the steps with links:

Go to

Buy e-gift cards, for Petsmart using your favorite miles-earning credit card. If you plan to buy online right away, make sure they are e-gift cards that typically arrive in your inbox within the hour.

If it turns out is out of stock for Petsmart, you can also check for similar deal.

Check your email inbox for the gift cards.

Go to and place your order for pet food and whatever other supplies you need.

Turns out they’re having 15% off K9 Advantix® II, Advantage® II & Seresto® collars PLUS buy 1, get 1 50% off K9 Advantix® II and Advantage®II 6 packs at! Offer valid 2/29 – 4/3/16 flea control sale right now if you want to stock up and save.

Orders over $49 get free shipping, so you don’t need to haul those supplies from your car. Get them delivered right to your front door for free!

Time to have your dog, cat, and all your critters help you earn your way to your next luxury vacation.

And just in case you want to take it to the Extreme Level, which is the thin air environment that Miles Husband thrives on, here’s an extra step:

Go to

Set up an account.

Search for

Set up an account.

Search for Petsmart.

Buy your discounted Petsmart electronic cards using your favorite miles-earning credit card.

Follow same steps as above, using your discount cards to buy food and supplies for Fido and Kitty at Remember to purchase more than $49 and have them delivered for free to your front door.

If you love animals, you might enjoy my new book, “Hope Possible: A Network News Anchor’s Thoughts On Losing Her Job, Finding Love, A New Career, And My Dog, Always My Dog.” It includes a number of essays about loving your dog.

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How Your Pets Can Earn You Miles And Save You Big Money

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