Husband Of Fallen Police Officer “You Will Not Have My Hatred”

Etienne Cardiles gives a most beautiful tribute to his partner, Xavier Jugele, who was gunned down by an Islamic terrorist while working as a Paris police officer on Champs Elysees. "You will not have my hatred."

The power of the short life of fallen police officer Xavier Jugele’ continues to ripple.

Jugele’ was killed last week while on duty on Paris’ Champs Elysees when an Islamic extremist opened fire.

As he’s laid to rest, his husband, Etienne Cardiles, gave the most beautiful tribute, painting a picture of a man so many of us would’ve loved to have known.

Cardiles is steadfast in his love and his purpose.

His message to those who continue to spread such evil across the world, “You will not have my hatred.”

Give yourself a gift and listen to Cardiles and his incredible comments for his partner, his best friend, the man he continues to love.

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Husband Of Fallen Police Officer “You Will Not Have My Hatred”

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