IHOP Waiter’s Act Of Kindness Goes Viral Creating Celebration Of Nice

IHOP waiter Joe Thomas is getting attention from around the world after a photo of him helping a customer eat her meal went viral.

You go to IHOP for all you can eat pancakes, but how about a giant serving of kindness.

That’s what one woman witnessed last week in an IHOP in Springfield, Illinois.

She watched as waiter Joe Thomas sat down with an older couple that included a woman who had medical issues.

Thomas sat down and helped the woman eat her meal.

Apparently, the couple are regular customers and Thomas was familiar with the challenges the woman faces.

Her husband usually feeds his wife, waiting to eat his food.

This bothered Thomas who got the idea if he sat down and helped the woman eat, then her husband could enjoy his food while it was still hot and they could eat together.

A stranger a few tables away was so taken with this gesture, she took a picture and posted it to Facebook.

That photo and the story are now going viral around the world.

Newschannel20 in Springfield, Illinois tells the story.

Joe Thomas said he never wanted any special attention.

Too late for that.

Even the governor of Illinois and his wife stopped by to meet Thomas.

Little did they know, they would soon, too, be enjoying a dose of his kindness.



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IHOP Waiter’s Act Of Kindness Goes Viral Creating Celebration Of Nice

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