IKEA In Italy Lets Stray Dogs Come In From The Cold

IKEA in Italy lets stray dogs come in the store to get out of the winter cold.

IKEA lets strays sleep on display rugs to keep warm

The IKEA store in Catania, Italy has something you can’t sell.


The store opens its doors to stray dogs during the colder winter months so the pups can come in and get warm.

They let the dogs sleep on the rugs in the displays.

The staff even gives the dogs food.

Bad idea to let the dogs potentially ruin the new furniture?

On the contrary, customers are delighted.

They’re posting videos on Facebook. Vittoria Taccia Gabrielli  shared a video her daughter shot inside the store.

Her comment posted along with the video roughly translates to, “A nice initiative to give shelter to strays while outside raining….. all this happens in Ikea’s mall (Catania)…… among the awe of many passers-by, my daughter touched sent me this video!

Do we want to applaud this civilization?”

I would say most definitely, Yes!

Customer Noah Romley posted this image on Facebook, showing one relaxed stray dog lounging on the rugs of one IKEA display.
 What better way to try on a new bed at IKEA than to recreate real life with a beloved dog by your side?

The Daily Mail reports that showing kindness toward potential rescue animals is nothing new for this company.

In 2014, IKEA partnered with animal welfare groups to help promote animal adoption. They put up posters in displays of different animals up for adoption.

But this, with the real deal, stray dogs inside the store, this is taking things to a new level.

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IKEA In Italy Lets Stray Dogs Come In From The Cold

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