Inky The Octopus Escapes Tank, Slips Out Pipe To Ocean & Freedom

Supporters of a certain octopus can be heard chanting around the world, “Go, Inky, Go!”

The Washington Post reports that Inky spent the last months living in a tank at the New Zealand National Aquarium.

He arrived after being rescued.

If you didn’t have a chance to see him, this is what Inky looked like.


So flowy and beautiful.

But, behind that fluid ballet-like octopus was a scheming mind.

The Post reports that Inky slipped through a gap left by maintenance workers at the top of his enclosure.

They followed the suction cup tracks to figure out he made his way across the floor to a six-inch-wide drain. He squeezed his football-sized body in and made a break for the Pacific.

“He managed to make his way to one of the drain holes that go back to the ocean. And off he went,” Aquarium manager Rob Yarrall told Radio New Zealand. “And he didn’t even leave us a message.”

Apparently, the big escape took place three months ago, but only became public last week.

Inky had been at the aquarium since 2014, when he was taken in after being caught in a crayfish pot, his body scarred and his arms injured.

Clearly, Inky is one mischiavous dude.

Once he healed and started feeling better is when the real challenge began.

Kerry Hewitt, the aquarium’s curator of exhibits, said at the time that Inky was “getting used to being at the aquarium” but added that staff would “have to keep Inky amused or he will get bored.”

Guess Inky found something much more amusing to do than play games with the aquarium staff.

Lesson of the day–never bet against a bored octopus.

You, go, Inky!

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Inky The Octopus Escapes Tank, Slips Out Pipe To Ocean & Freedom

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