This Internship Program Is ONLY For Women Over 40

New York PR firm Wunderlich Kaplan Communications started internship program for women over 40 looking to reenter the workforce. They call it, "The Entership."

So much for an internship only going to ambitious college students.

Forbes Magazine has exciting news about a company that figured out a way to give a similar opportunity to women looking to get back into the workforce.

Wunderlich Kaplan Communications is a PR firm in New York City. They’ve created what they call The Entership.

It’s described on their website as a four-week program for women “looking to re-enter the workforce in an exciting, fast-paced and productive environment. This newly founded program was created for women who are tired of millennials stampeding over them at work, women who jumped the corporate ship, for vibrant retirees or moms looking to break back into the workforce.”

WKC President Dara Kaplan told Forbes that her company was inspired by the movie, “The Intern,” where Robert DeNiro plays a 70-something year-old man looking to get back into the workforce.

Clearly, WKC has tapped into something.  Kaplan tells Forbes they received over 600 applications for the program.

You can find more information here.

Hello, other companies? Let’s get more corporations on board with your own version of The Enternship.

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This Internship Program Is ONLY For Women Over 40

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