Kids Surprise With Answer To, “Who Would You Have Dinner With?”

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I just had to share a brilliant video from Australia.

The folks at Masterfoods came up with a wonderful and sweet campaign.

They brought couples in a room and asked them, “If you could have dinner with anyone, who would it be?”

The parents had some fun answers and reactions.

Then, they bring in the kids.

That’s when the fun really begins.

Masterfoods calls this their, “MakeDinnerTimeMatter” campaign.

Love seeing these sweet kids and their answers.

Something tells me the answer wouldn’t be the same for my teenagers who look across at my husband and me like dinner with us is the torture they must endure in order to eat the food I cook for them.

Every once in awhile we get a crumb of a smile or anecdote of what happened in their day. I’m going to keep at it, because I do believe family dinners matter.



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Kids Surprise With Answer To, “Who Would You Have Dinner With?”

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