Kind Strangers Carry Little Boy And His Wheelchair Through The Snow

Strangers carry boy and his wheelchair through the snowy streets of Edmonton after mom struggles in the wet and heavy snow.

Strangers spy boy’s mother struggling and step up to help

A young mother trying to get her son home from school in his wheelchair was overwhelmed by the kindness of strangers.

Shannon Ranger shared on Facebook that when she set out to get her six-year-old son home from school Friday she didn’t realize just how bad the weather and snow was in her hometown of Edmonton, Canada.

The snow was thicker and wetter than she was planning on.

She and her other kids had tried to plan ahead by bringing some shovels to clear their path, but the snow was just too much.

She told CBS News that she tried to call a cab but was told it would be a 25 minute wait.

Ranger says that’s when a man she doesn’t know came out of his house. “He started to shovel the sidewalk in front of us until another man [came over.]” The other man said he thought it would be easier to pick up the boy in his wheelchair and carry him, rather than try and shovel the thick snow on the sidewalk.

And so they did.

Carried six-year-old Matthew, who has spina bifida, all the way home.

From a struggling kid and his mom to tiny king on a throne.

Mom was so overwhelmed she had to share on Facebook.

That’s a snow story warm enough to melt my heart.

Well done strangers!

That’s a trip home from school this boy and his mom will never forget!

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Kind Strangers Carry Little Boy And His Wheelchair Through The Snow

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