Kindergartener Carden Corts Gives Adorable Weather Report

Kindergartener Carden Coats gives adorable weather forecast for his school project.

Kindergartener Carden Corts is the answer to your early Springtime blues if the weather in your area hasn’t yet blossomed to your liking.

Carden’s dad, Charlie, explains that this started as a school project.

He told the Tennessean “I work at Rated Red, a design studio in Nashville, and we have a green screen video in our office so when I saw this assignment I felt like I had been waiting my whole life for this,” he said then laughed. “No seriously, I thought it was something we could have fun with.”

The whole thing took 10 minutes to shoot.

The big gust of wind?

That was courtesy of a leaf blower Corts says they had hanging around the office.

Whatever they did, however quickly, clearly worked.

The YouTube video has well over one million views.

No word on what grade Carden received on the project.

He is, after all, only in kindergarten.

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Kindergartener Carden Corts Gives Adorable Weather Report

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