Kristen Bell’s Best Role Yet-Real Life Hurricane Irma Volunteer

Actress Kristen Bell has become impromptu hurricane volunteer while she's stranded in Orlando in the wake of Hurricane Irma.

Actress Kristen Bell has millions of fans as the voice of Princess Ana in the animated movie, “Frozen.”

She also could’ve stolen your heart as Veronica Mars or in the movie, “Forgetting Sarah Marshall.”

You can pretty much tell your age by when you fell for Bell.

Hearts of all ages will fall for her when you see what she’s doing in Florida.

ENews reports that Bell is in Orlando filming her Netflix comedy, “Like Father.”

Once she figured out she and her crew of 80+ were stranded, they volunteered to help out anyway they can.

On Saturday, she gave an impromptu concert for children and their parents at Meadows Woods Middle School that is being used as a shelter.

And talk about a great scoop–Turns out Kristen’s dad, Tom, is the news director at the CBS station in Sacramento.

That’s how they got this exclusive with Kristen talking about her new role as a hurricane volunteer.

Kristen shared in that interview how there are a lot of seniors who have been evacuated from South Florida.

She’s sharing some highlights of moments with her new friends on her Instagram feed.

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Kristen Bell’s Best Role Yet-Real Life Hurricane Irma Volunteer

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