Las Vegas Shooting Victim Reunites With Hero Who Saved His Life

Las Vegas shooting victim Tom McIntosh reunites with the hero, James Lawson, who saved him after the massacre in Las Vegas.

Shooting victim and hero.

That is never how Tom McIntosh and James Lawson thought they would ever meet.

In fact, there was no reason they would meet at all.

Until Sunday night, they were just two guys with different friends enjoying the Jason Aldean concert in Las Vegas.

I’ll let them tell the story of how their paths intersected.

Both men, actually, are heroes.

Both men, I suspect will be friends for life.

Excellent job by Savannah Guthrie and the the TODAY Show crew bringing this moment to live TV.

Did this reunion of shooting victim and hero belong on live TV?
You could argue that it didn’t, that exploits one man’s pain and another’s selfless act.
I get that.
Maybe, it’s selfish, but I’m glad the TODAY Show made this happen and did it in a quiet, respectful way.
Lawson deserves to be celebrated for his heroism.
And I know I’m not the only one who heals a tiny bit when I see true goodness in the world.
The final truth is the good guys outnumber the evil ones.
They just do.
This story proves that’s true.



Las Vegas Shooting Victim Reunites With Hero Who Saved His Life

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