Losers Everywhere Celebrated In Brilliant Tony Awards Opening Number

Josh Groban and Sara Bareilles sing a clever opening number at the Tony Awards dedicated to people who lose.

Sad to say I didn’t catch the Tony Awards Sunday night, but I did get to see the brilliant opening number online the next day.

Hosts Josh Groban and Sara Bareilles performed such a clever song dedicated to those who lose.

And, being honest, isn’t that most of us?

Watch, smile, and celebrate the loser in you!

It starts a little slow, but then gets really fun at and upbeat around :55.

“This is for the people who lose.

This is for the loser inside of you!”

Here’s to celebrating those of us who go for it, even when we fall down.

Here’s to trying!

Here’s to losing!

Here’s to being a club that happens to include Josh Groban and Sara Bareilles!

Did you see the Tony Awards?  Or any great plays this year?  Please share in the Comments section below.

I just saw Hamilton Friday night and loved it.

I’m now kind of obsessed with the soundtrack.  I keep listening to it on Amazon Prime because they play the songs and scroll the lyrics at the same time.  It makes it feel like I’m seeing the play all over again.

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Losers Everywhere Celebrated In Brilliant Tony Awards Opening Number

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