Man Who Grew Up Without A Father Goes Viral With His Dadvice ‘Dad, How Do I?’ YouTube Channel

Rob Kenney gives dadvice on his YouTube channel "Dad, How Do I?"

Rob Kenney knows what it is to grow up without ‘Dadvice,’ guidance and love

Rob Kenney teaches viewers how to tie a tie.

An unexpected star shines


It’s what new YouTube star Rob Kenney is sharing.

He would tell you he is the most unlikely viral star ever.

He was simply looking to do his part to make the world a slightly better place.

He knows what it is to grow up without a dad.

A rough childhood

He was the youngest of eight kids in a dysfunctional family.

By the time he was 14, his parents were divorced and had decided they were done being parents.

Rob had to move in with an older brother and figure it out for himself.

Somehow he did that.

He married and had a son and a daughter.

Rob’s big dream

Rob says his goal was always to raise two functional adults. Not to kids. Two functional adults.

With his son and daughter grown and out in the world, he and his wife have done just that.

He still thought he has more to give. He long dreamed of starting a YouTube channel. The lull from this coronavirus lockdown gave him no more excuses to put it off.

He started creating simple videos on basic life stuff like how to tie a tie, how to change a tire, how to shave your face.

Bad dad jokes included

He certainly has touched a nerve.

Seemingly overnight, his channel has almost two million subscribers.

He usually includes a really bad dad joke like, “I thought of going on an all almond diet….but that’s just nuts!”

He also likes to offer encouragement. Y’know. Like a really good dad would.

“When I was younger, I know I would’ve let critics keep me from doing things I might’ve done otherwise. I didn’t want to get out of comfort zone. Don’t let that happen to you. Go ahead and put yourself out there.”

Rob says he just wants to help out people like him. Someone with an absent parent or a broken family.

Rob, I’d say, “Mission Accomplished.”

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Man Who Grew Up Without A Father Goes Viral With His Dadvice ‘Dad, How Do I?’ YouTube Channel

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