Melinda Gates and Mackenzie Bezos Launch $30 Million Fund to Expand Women’s Power & Influence

Mackenzie Bezos and Melinda Gates are creating the Equality Can't Wait Challenge.

Melinda Gates and Mackenzie Bezos, world’s richest women, committed to changing the world for women and minorities

Melinda Gates and Mackenzie Bezos are two of the richest women in the world.

They are teaming up to put their millions to work changing the story of women in America.

Why wait for equality?

They hate the idea that at the current rate it would take 208 years for women to catch up to equal pay with men.

They know they don’t have all the answers.

Bezos and Gates put their money behind their beliefs

They’ve created the “Equality Can’t Wait” Challenge.

They are awarding $30 million for big, bold ideas to expand women’s power and influence.

They want to hear the big ideas to level the playing field.

From closing the pay gap to opening new avenues into technology.

Gates and Bezos believe this can be the generation to make equality a reality.

They could have up to $10 million for you

They want to hear from, help and support businesses and non-profits that are working toward these goals and can make a difference by 2030.

If you think this is you, you need to register here.

Melinda Gates created Pivotal Ventures as a company that would support her causes such as women’s equality.

Bezos steps out to make a difference

Mackenzie Bezos made headlines last year with one of the divorce settlements in American history when she split from Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

This is her first public move giving a sign of what she intends to do with her incredible wealth, power and influence.

Two women who are using their billions to uplift other women? Does it get any better than that?

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Melinda Gates and Mackenzie Bezos Launch $30 Million Fund to Expand Women’s Power & Influence

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