Woman Quits Job, Spends 57 Days Searching For Her Missing Dog

Woman quits her job to search 57 days for her missing dog.

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Missing dog was not supposed to be the headline of Carole King’s summer vacation.

She left her home in Washington State to go on a fun trip with her husband and their 7-year-old border collie, Katie.

They arrived in Flathead County near Glacier National Park on July 20th and headed out to dinner.

They left Katie behind in their hotel room.

But when they got back to their room at the My Place Hotel in Kalispell, Katie was gone.

“It was devastating. I got sick to my stomach,” King told the Daily Inter Lake.

King and her husband suspect a summer thunderstorm might’ve spooked Katie and in her panic she escaped the room.

The front door clerk saw her take off.

The Kings searched for hours.

No Katie.

They put the word out on social media with a post in a local missing pets Facebook group. They made flyers.

No Katie.

The search went viral, even as days turned into weeks.

King tells The New York Times that she tried to get a leave of absence from her job as a postal worker so she could dedicate herself to the search.

They said, “No.”

So, she quit.

And headed back to Kalispell, putting up more flyers.

More than 500.

She wasn’t giving up on her beloved dog.

A dog she knows to be skittish, who wouldn’t come up to strangers if they called her.

Those strangers got in the spirit of the search, sending tips and encouragement.

The paper reports that early last Saturday, King got a tip that Katie might be in a man’s backyard.

By the time she got there, there was no Katie.

Sadly, she walked the streets of the neighborhood, asking folks if they might’ve seen her dog.

One couple said they had not, but then the miracle happened,

“As the lady was walking back, she points over to the tree where it’s real dark and says, ‘Is that your dog?’ ” King said. “And I turn and it’s Katie.”

King called out for her sweet girl. She told The Daily Inter Lake “I just bear-hugged her; I wasn’t going to let her go. Tears were flying, we were screaming, everybody is high-fiving, hugging each other. People are stopping in their vehicles, getting out and hugging us. I think the whole neighborhood knew that we found her.”

Katie is no longer a missing dog. This is how she curled up on the front seat of Carole King's front seat after she was found
Katie is no longer a missing dog. This is how she curled up on the front seat of Carole King’s front seat after she was found. Credit: Carole King

Katie is now on the road to recovery. She lost quite a bit of weight over the last couple of months.

Carole? She’s on Cloud 9 with her dog by her side and the kindness of strangers filling her heart.

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Woman Quits Job, Spends 57 Days Searching For Her Missing Dog

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