Mom Meteorologist Delivers Weather Forecast Wearing Baby Son On Her Back

Meteorologist mom Susie Martin wore her son during her forecast to promote the power of baby-wearing.

Mom And Meteorologist Wants To Promote Baby Wearing

Meteorologist Susie Martin is like so many women. She wears a lot of hats.

She’s a professional, director of operations at Praedictix, a weather forecasting company.

And she’s a mom.

And she wants to do the best job in all her roles.

Martin says she’s found it easier when she uses a baby-wearing wrap.  What better way to show that, than, well, to show it. Professional multi-tasker here!

Martin wore her son to work on October 5th which happened to be during “International Baby Wearing Week.” Wow. Who knew?

She told GMA, “I wanted to promote this wonderful tool that’s helped me as a mom and the bonding experience between mother and son,” Martin of Minnesota, told “Good Morning America.” “I suppose it’s a way for the baby to be comforted. It was nice for me personally because I could multitask while comforting my child.”

The response was overwhelming.  This is what her company tweeted about her bold move.

How did or do you carry your kids around?  Any multi-tasking tips? Please leave in Comments section below.

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Mom Meteorologist Delivers Weather Forecast Wearing Baby Son On Her Back

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