Mother And Daughter Pilot Delta Boeing 757 from Los Angeles To Atlanta

Mother daughter pilot Boeing 757 from Los Angeles to Atlanta for Delta Airlines.

Photo of this mother daughter pilot team is going viral

Mother daughter pilot team Wendy Rexon and Kelly Rexon sure do know how to take a great mother-daughter trip.

Wendy is a Captain with Delta Airlines and Kelly is a First Officer. A passenger took a photo of the two in the cockpit just before they took off and flew 170 passengers from Los Angeles to Atlanta.

That passenger was  Dr. John R. Watret. He’s the the chancellor of Embry-Riddle Worldwide, a world-renowned aeronautical university.

Watret says he just happened to overhear that there was a mother-daughter flight crew as he was boarding and asked to get a picture.

He tweeted the photo and things went viral from there.

The photo has more than 16,000 retweets and more than 42,000 likes. Delta replied to Watret’s tweet with a tweet of its own.

Turns out there are even more magnificent flying Rexon women. A press release from the university mentions that Kelly Rexon’s sister is also a pilot.

Watret’s shout-out to the Rexons came on the heels of the recently completed 30th annual International Women in Aviation Conference in Long Beach, Calif. Women in Aviation International, founded by a member of the Embry-Riddle faculty, celebrates female pioneers in the field as it looks ahead toward building a future that’s bright with opportunities for women to succeed. Embry-Riddle maintains three large collegiate chapters of Women in Aviation International, including the first-ever virtual chapter.

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Mother And Daughter Pilot Delta Boeing 757 from Los Angeles To Atlanta

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