NBA Star Steph Curry Answers 9-Year-Old Girl “Why Do Your Shoes Only Come In Boys Sizes?”

9 year old girl, Riley Morrison, writes a letter to NBA star, Steph Curry, asking why his Curry 5 basketball shoes don't come in sizes for girls.

Curry gets great question and gives great answer

NBA star Steph Curry has to defend against the best basketball players in the world.

But was he ready for a hard-hitting question from a 9-year-old girl?

NBA star Steph Curry gets a question he wasn’t expecting.

Riley Morrison is that girl. She lives in California, plays basketball and wanted a pair of Curry’s shoes, Curry 5, for her new season.

But when her dad went to the Under Armour website, he noticed the shoes come in Boys sizes, but none for girls.

So, Riley decided to write to Curry.

9-year-old Riley writes to NBA star Steph Curry asking why his basketball shoes don’t come in sizes for girls.

You’d think that would be it, right?

How would a girl’s letter make it to one of the biggest sports stars on the planet?  

Not only did Curry see the letter, he wrote back!

A slam dunk response, I must say.

This is Steph Curry’s response to 9-year-old Riley Morrison’s letter.

CBS This Morning was able to get an interview with this pint-sized game changer.

Sure enough, the change is already up on the Under Armour website.

Sure enough, the change has already come to the Under Armour website.

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NBA Star Steph Curry Answers 9-Year-Old Girl “Why Do Your Shoes Only Come In Boys Sizes?”

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