NBA Team Owner Mark Cuban Vows To Help Hourly Workers When He Learns Season Is Suspended

NBA owner Mark Cuban of the Dallas Mavericks finds out that the NBA season has just been suspended due to a player testing positive for the coronavirus.

Mark Cuban was shocked to see the news and immediately knew what was most important.

NBA Mavericks team owner Mark Cuban has seen a lot. He’s never seen this–the NBA announcing the season has been immediately suspended in the wake of the news that one of its players has tested positive for the coronavirus.

There is concern for that player, Utah’s Rudy Gobert, and now his teammate Robert Donavan, both of whom have tested positive for COVID-19.

Cuban, though made it quite clear, who he is concerned for–the regular people, the folks who work in the arenas, the cleaning crews who depend on this hourly work for the livelihood.

At a news conference after the game was canceled, Cuban told reporters that he was very concerned about the situation.

“But it’s not about basketball,” he said. “Obviously, this is much bigger than basketball.”

Cuban says he has reached out to the folks who run American Airlines Center arena to find out what it will cost to support the people who come to work at the arena.

“Obviously, this is much bigger than basketball.”

Mark Cuban, owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks

Cuban added, “You know they get paid by the hour. We’re already working on getting a program in place to help support them.”

Cuban didn’t have exact details to offer up yet, just that this is something that is very important to him.

This is a man who gets stuff done. How reassuring to see where his priorities lay.

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NBA Team Owner Mark Cuban Vows To Help Hourly Workers When He Learns Season Is Suspended

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