News Anchor Wears Viewer’s Jacket And Inspires A Wave Of Kindness

When KUSA news anchor Kyle Clark received a viewer's suit jacket in the mail with a note from the viewer's wife, he knew there was only one thing to do.

Like most local news anchors, Kyle Clark wears a suit jacket each night when he delivers the news for KUSA in Denver.

As he does, he really has no idea who is watching on the other side of the camera he’s looking into.

For years, that had been Connie Larson and her husband, Doyle.

The Larsons had an ongoing joke.

About a certain suit coat of Doyle’s.

Connie thought it was awful.

Forbade Doyle to wear it out of the house.

“Kyle Clark should wear that coat while he does the news,” she’d joke as they watched his program together.

When Doyle passed away from a brain tumor last month, Connie knew what she had to do with that coat.

There was really only one thing, she figured.

She sent it to Kyle Clark.

What he did next is so touching.

So inspiring.

Even Clark had no idea what he was about to set in motion.

Here is the first night, followed by viewers overwhelming reaction.

If you watched Kyle’s commentary and you’re looking for the link to donate in memory of Doyle, click here.

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News Anchor Wears Viewer’s Jacket And Inspires A Wave Of Kindness

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