NFL Quarterback Really Is These Foster Dogs’ Best Friend

Talk about an NFL Quarterback who is easy to root for!

Sure, Kirk Cousins has had a wonderful season for the Washington Redskins, a team with very devoted fans.

Whether or not you like sports, you will love Kirk when you see what he and his wife are doing.

Cousins and his wife, Julie, are devoted to fostering dogs until they get a great home.

He features lots of photos of the dogs that come through their home on his Twitter and Instagram feeds.

Last night with our foster dog, Cash. He gets adopted tomorrow to his new family in Maryland.

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Kirk tells the Washington Post that his wife gets all the credit for the good they are doing with fostering dogs.

“She just loves dogs. She can’t get enough of it. And so when we got married, it was kind of understood — she had warned me when we were dating, that was kind of an expectation. So we foster them, and we just get one at a time, and when it finds a home, we give it to that home and we take another one from the shelter.”

They’ve fostered dogs both from Doodle Rescue, and from Friends of Homeless Animals, an Aldie-based no-kill shelter “dedicated to saving abandoned and abused dogs and cats.

The Cousins have fostered seven dogs over the last year and a half.

Takes a special kind of person to love a dog like their own, only to see them move onto another family.

Cousins tells the Post that this arrangement fits their lifestyle right now, allowing them to have dogs, while not committing to the 10-15 years of dog’s full lifespan.

Go Cousins! Go foster dogs!



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NFL Quarterback Really Is These Foster Dogs’ Best Friend

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