Off-Duty Pilot Helps Out Overwhelmed Mother-Of-Four By Feeding Her Baby

Finnair off-duty pilot Captain Tom Nystrom helped out an overwhelmed mother of four by bottle-feeding her baby while onboard a flight.

Captain Tom Nystrom is not only a pilot for Finnair, he’s also a dad.

As such, he knows you’re never really off-duty when you’re a parent.

That’s why when he was flying off-duty as a pilot, he was more than happy to be an extra set of hands for an overwhelmed mom who was traveling alone with four young children on a flight most probably to the Helsinki Airport.

One of the crew snapped a picture of Nystrom with a contented baby on his lap and posted it to Instagram with the story.

The captain told Inside Edition,“I have children of my own… so it came natural to me to help this customer with her babies,” said Capt. Tom Nystrom, who was on the flight as a passenger.”

Not surprisingly, the story is getting tons of likes on Instagram and many messages of appreciation.

One commenter wrote, “This is incredibly inspiring and kind. I’ve travelled alone with my babies and it’s so hard. Having strangers show you this kind of kindness during this stressful time means more than anyone can know. Even offering to help with the baby so mom can go to the toilet is appreciated immensely. Thanks for sharing this story and restoring our faith in humanity.”

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Off-Duty Pilot Helps Out Overwhelmed Mother-Of-Four By Feeding Her Baby

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