How Can It Be A Year Already?

I’ve never felt time go so fast! July 14, 2012–Three weeks after we got engaged, my fiance’ and I decided it was time to move in together. Since we didn’t want to just “live together, we gathered up or two girls and headed up to a beautiful waterfall outside of Cashiers, NC. My dress? Bought right off the rack on sale at a local department store. It had so many “markdown” stickers on the tag that I couldn’t even see

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Happy “Best Match Ever” Day!

Such a special anniversary to celebrate! Four years ago today I met a little girl who changed my life forever. There I was having a sad, lonely, woe-is-me Sunday night. Feeling sorry for myself being alone and single. After an appropriate amount of pity party time, I thought to myself, “You can feel sorry for yourself or do something about it.” That’s when I remembered one of my best friends, Cyndi, giving me a “talking to” about Big Brothers Big

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July 8, 2013: I’m Back–Really!

Feels like I should have an approved absence note or something for you. I haven’t been away from this much since I launched the website in 2006. The note would read something like, “Please excuse Daryn for her absence, but she has been on a belated honeymoon and a family vacation-practically back to back.” It feels like I’ve traveled half-way around the world and back twice in the last month. Probably because I have! First, the trip of a

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June 24, 2013: …And She’ll Be Okay…

I’m sharing one of recent newspaper columns. Please catch me each week in The Atlanta Journal Constitution and The Dayton Daily News. Feel free to leave your comments below. I’d love to hear from you. She is my heart’s home. Together we cry through our hard times. Then, we hug. One believes when the other cannot. It’s been like that since we lived together senior year in college. Do you have someone so dear, so solid who you do this

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