Pediatric Neurosurgeon Operates on Teddy Bear To Fulfill Unusual Request 

Teddy Bear Undergoes Surgery To Comfort His Little Boy

A teddy bear named “Little Baby” and his 8-year-old pal, Jackson McKie are pretty much inseparable.  

This would be important for just about any kid, but Jackson is a kid who can use some extra comforting.  He has a condition called hydrocephalus which means he gets really bad headaches and has undergone a number of surgeries.

Jackson  was having a shunt repaired last week at the IWK Health Centre in Halifax when he made a special request of his pediatric neurosurgeon, Dr. Daniel McNeely.

Dr. Daniel McNeely places oxygen mask on teddy bear, Little Baby, as the stuffed animal gets surgery on a rip under his left arm.

Little Baby had a condition of his own that needed some attention. Jackson asked if Dr. McNeely could treat his pal, as well.

The doctor took a look and diagnosed Little Baby “with a tear of the underarm.” And though, Dr. McNeely specializes in brains, he agreed to treat the extra patient.

He also promised as soon as Jackson was stitched up, he would make sure to give the teddy bear “oxygen” and monitor his vitals. 

Given that this was his first time operating on a teddy bear, Dr. McNeely tweeted about it.

Dr. McNeely says this is actually the first time he has ever tweeted. The response has been overwhelming.  He told the CBC “It’s not what I was looking for,” McNeely said of his newfound fame. “I just thought I might make some people smile somewhere.”

8-year-old Jackson McKie and teddy bear, Little Baby, are now both recovering well from their respective surgeries. Credit: Richard McKie.

Who was your special stuffed animal friend growing up? Please share in the comments below.

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Pediatric Neurosurgeon Operates on Teddy Bear To Fulfill Unusual Request 

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