Pizzeria Owner Takes out $50,000 Loan to Pay Workers During Coronavirus Crisis

Pizza might not be the solution to the world’s problems, but it can certainly help. Bryan Morin, a New Jersey pizzeria owner, comes up with solution to help his employees while still bringing the world fresh, hot, mouthwatering pizza.  

Federico’s pizzeria located in Belmar, NJ

He took out a 50k loan

To continue to do so, Morin of Federico’s Pizza and Restaurant in Belmar has taken out a $50,000 loan to pay his loyal employees. This came after New Jersey’s Governor, Phil Murphy ordered that all restaurants must be shut down due to the coronavirus outbreak. Now, only takeout and delivery are acceptable.   

Despite the high rate of unemployment in New Jersey and elsewhere in the United States, Morin refused to lay off workers. He strived to give his employees one guarantee in this time of instability and uncertainty. 

“Without your employees, you don’t have a business.”

Bryan Morin, pizzeria owner

Some may see this loan as a huge personal risk, but Morin saw it as the “right thing to do.”

In an interview, Morin told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, “Without your employees, you don’t have a business.” He concluded that his employees feel like his extended family. Morin feels a need to take care of them as much as he can. 

Pizzeria Owner Bryan and his employees

“I took this out to guarantee that my employees, no matter what, will continue to be able to pay their bills,” said Morin. 

This circulating story has brought a lot of attention to Federico’s Pizza and Restaurant. 

He continues to help his employees

A recent message on their website reads, “We are overwhelmed and grateful for the outpouring of support and kindness we have been receiving. We have set up accounts for donation that will be used to provide food for the people on the front line everyday during this challenging time (hospitals, police officers, fire, EMS) as well as to keep things afloat for our employees. Stay safe and be well.” 

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Pizzeria Owner Takes out $50,000 Loan to Pay Workers During Coronavirus Crisis

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