Plus-Size Teen Ballerina Becoming Online Star With Grace And Ability

Plus-sized ballerina Lizzy Howell is taking the internet by storm with her amazing dance moves.

She is the ballerina taking the internet by storm.

Lizzy Howell is 15-years-old and dance crazy.

You might say she doesn’t have what you might expect as a typical dancer’s body.

That is part of what makes Lizzy so great.

Mostly, it is her incredible talent and sharing her joy of dance.

Lizzy tells Daily Mail Online that she started dancing when she was five-years-old.

She’s been practicing ballet for the last 10 years.

Check this out:

Just in case you’re counting that’s eleven fouettes finishing off with a series of pirouettes.

Lindsay posted this video online and it went viral.

She’s also drawn tons of comments.

Most people tell her what an inspiration she is.

And, not surprisingly, there are those haters out there.

She does her best to laugh them off.

The Daily Mail asked her what this awesome ballerina would give another young girl who is afraid to try something simply because of her size.

Lizzy says, “Stereotypes are made to be broken.”

They sure are, Lizzy.

They sure are!

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Plus-Size Teen Ballerina Becoming Online Star With Grace And Ability

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