Police Trooper Pulls Over Retired Cop Who Helped Deliver Him 27 Years Ago

New Jersey police state trooper Michael Patterson pulled over a retired cop who happened to be the man who helped deliver him 27 years ago.

Of all the people New Jersey State Police Trooper Michael Patterson could’ve pulled over, what are the chances it would be this guy.

Matthew Bailly is a retired cop from Piscataway, New Jersey.

He happened to mention that when Patterson pulled him over.

That caught the trooper’s attention because that happens to be where Patterson grew up.

Mr. Bailly asked Trooper Patterson where he used to live. When Trooper Patterson told him that he grew up on Poe Place, Mr. Bailly said that he remembered that street, because he helped deliver a baby there 27 years ago when he was a rookie cop. He was even able to describe the color, style of house, and the baby’s name, Michael.

Trooper Patterson extended his hand and replied, “My name is Michael Patterson, sir. Thank you for delivering me.”

This New Jersey State Police Facebook page tells the story so well.

How this small talk led to the most incredible connection between these two men.

How about that?

A cop does a good deed.

Helps deliver a new life into the world.

27 years later gets to see what a fine young man that little baby boy has grown into.

One thing the post doesn’t mention–

I’m wondering if Trooper Patterson let Bailly off with a warning?

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Police Trooper Pulls Over Retired Cop Who Helped Deliver Him 27 Years Ago

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