Posing Nude: 11 Women Celebrate Their Weight Loss

It’s one thing to lose some weight, it’s another to feel confident enough to be posing nude in a national magazine.

That’s what 11 women did as they celebrated their weight loss in Weight Watcher’s Magazine.

People Magazine reports The May/June issue features women who have lost a range of 12-87 pounds through Weight Watchers.

Some had excess weight from earlier pregnancies, some had health conditions, some were dealing with mental challenges.

Each woman decided now was her time.

To get healthy.

To start doing something for herself.

To start loving her body.

Here is behind the scenes at the photo shoot.

Why would they get naked for all the world to see?

Because they wanted to prove one thing–

They feel beautiful, proud, and free.

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Posing Nude: 11 Women Celebrate Their Weight Loss

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