Publix Workers Rescue Little Girl’s Stuffed Bunny From Landfill

Publix workers go above and beyond to find little girl's lost stuffed bunny in a landfill.

The beloved stuffed bunny.

Three-year-old Maddie Rachal’s world revolves around hers.

It made sense that Bunny came along with Maddie and her mom when they took a trip to their Publix grocery store in Birmingham, Alabama.

Bunny goes everywhere.

Her mother, Jenna, tells, “Anybody who meets Maddie also meets Bunny.”

Until that fateful trip.

With a thunderstorm brewing, Maddie and Jenna dashed to their car.

By the time they got home, mom realized something dreadful.

Bunny was gone.

Somewhere between the store and the car, Bunny was lost.

Jenna reached out to the store.

What they did next, goes above and beyond the grocery store call of duty.

WTVM has the happy-ending “tale.”, GA News Weather & Sports

Publix workers in Birmingham, Alabama go above and beyond digging through a landfill of trash looking for a little girl's lost stuffed bunny.

Success! The Publix staff finds the treasure of the stuffed bunny amidst piles of trash!

By the way, Jenna had enacted classic parenting Plan B. She’d gone to the store and bought a Bunny replica.

After “Old Bunny” was returned, Maddie handed her mother the replacement and said, “You can have New Bunny.”

You can’t replace your best friend so easily.

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Publix Workers Rescue Little Girl’s Stuffed Bunny From Landfill

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