Rescue Dog Becomes Best Friends With Man With Dementia

Rescue dog Louis has turned into a huge gift and best friend for Mandy Looney's father who is living with dementia.

You won’t find this treatment for dementia in the medical books.

Yet, there is no question that a little rescue dog is making a huge difference in the life of Mandy Looney‘s father.

When a matted, beat up dog came into the Michigan Humane Society, Looney decided to foster him.

His name is Louis.

Once the shelter rescued him from the streets and cleaned him up, it became apparent that Louis had some behavior issues. He was going to need some extra TLC.

Looney had no idea what a difference one little soul could make in the life of her dad.

I do believe this is what you call a “foster fail.”

There was no way Louis was going to stay simply at foster status.

He gets a great home.

Mandy’s dad gets a new best friend.

I did a little surfing after watching this adorable pair and found that there is actually a new movement going on to bring service dogs to people suffering from dementia, Alzheimer’s and other challenges. If you know someone living in an Assisted Living Alzheimer’s home, you could suggest getting a pet to improve their mental health and wellbeing. has a very detailed post on the subject. It says in some ways dogs are born for this role. Dogs “are good therapists and companions for those with dementia because they provide support and unconditional love.”

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Rescue Dog Becomes Best Friends With Man With Dementia

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